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Created: 13/06/21


Born on September 23, 1972, in New Westminster, BC, I have lived in the village of Ladner in South Delta almost my entire life. I have 1 brother and 3 sisters. 

I graduated from Delta Secondary in 1991, received a diploma in Marketing from the British Columbia Institute of Technology in 1994, and went back to school in 2002 to complete a Commerce degree with a focus on Entrepreneurship from Royal Roads University in Victoria. I completed the Notary Preparatory Course with UBC on May 1, 2008, winning both the Robert Reid Award and the BDO Dunwoody Award.

Growing up, I was never sure what I wanted to be. The only thing I knew for sure was that I enjoyed interacting with people and knew I could not work in an environment that had little human contact.

From a few months shy of my 14th birthday till I was 18, I was a gas station cashier from 4 pm to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. The work was great and it kept me busy on those nights, which made my parents happy. 

My first job out of BCIT was a sales position with Benndorf Verster. And, yes, part of the training was learning to recite the Benndorf jingle... you’ve got your B, you’ve got your e–n–n . . . I sold copiers and fax machines for 4 years. 

That’s where I learned how to communicate with others. I realized that to be successful in a sales environment—or in any service environment for that matter, you had to understand that every client has a unique circumstance. My job was to understand what that was, then provide the best solution. I enjoyed my time with Benndorf but decided after 4 years that I needed a new challenge. I moved on. 

I spent the next 4 years in the pharmaceutical and surgical supply industry. It was by far some of the most interesting work I have ever done. I was never a science buff in school but all of a sudden, it seemed very appealing.

To properly execute my job, I had to spend significant time studying anatomy and physiology. I worked with surgeons, primarily ophthalmologists, serving as an adjunct to their practice. I was a specialist in making sure the doctors were well informed on how the products I represented were going to work with their patients. I really enjoyed being a resource and knowing the doctors were relying on me to provide timely and accurate information.

At that point, I had begun my Commerce degree and decided to move into the finance industry. I took a position as a broker/advisor with the financial planning arm of CIBC. Once again, I was in a job that required me to upgrade my knowledge in several areas. I completed three programs for my broker licensing and earned the Certified Financial Planner designation. 

It was at that time that the Notary seed was planted and began to grow. 

As I was finishing my Commerce degree, the entrepreneurial aspect of my education was starting to rise to the surface. I started to explore a career path that would allow me to continue to interact with people on a regular basis while being a resource for them and also be in business for myself. I bumped into Notary John Eastwood at a local business association meeting. We had a chat about Notary life for half an hour and my entrepreneurial journey began.

I received my commission as a BC Notary on the 1st day of May in 2008.

The Notary profession requires specialized knowledge. I have always liked learning about things most individuals would consider specialized. Those who need assistance will seek out people with specialized knowledge. 

Being a Notary gave me the chance to have my own business right in my own community, delivering a specialized service. 

Providing the highest level of service is the number one focus of my practice. Clients are a business’s most precious resource. Without clients, we have no business.

Two people in my life have been mentors to me:

Mr. Gordon McDonald taught business electives to Grades 11 and 12 at my school. Mr. McDonald was the first teacher to really give me a sense of direction. He assisted me in Grade 12 with a market research project for a local business and helped make sure I got the most out of the project—and that I had fun along the way.

My other mentor is Notary John Eastwood. From the moment I told him I was going to apply to become a Notary in the district of Delta, he supported me. John gave me as much time as I needed and always made me welcome in his office. He assisted me to learn the practical side of being a Notary and helped me transition from a Notary student to a practising BC Notary. He is a man of great integrity and equally as kind. Thank you, John.

My Notary practice is quite small... just myself and my assistant Lisa. It is located in Tsawwassen, a community within Delta about 10 minutes’ drive from my Ladner home. Ladner and Tsawwassen are separated by a large section of land belonging to the Agricultural Land Reserve and the Tsawwassen First Nation.

I relish the constant challenges and the variety of work I do as a BC Notary; I feel I learn something new each week. I look forward to getting to work in the morning. 

BC Notaries offer important nonlitigious services that most people are not able to do on their own, such as Wills, estate planning, and real estate conveyancing. [For the full list, please see page 35.] Our services are very important to the people in our communities. I think our Notary model should be expanded across the country.

Living and working in a small community, we get to know many of the people. And we are only 40 minutes from the city. It’s a great mix of rural and urban living.

Tsawwassen is restricted in growth because we are surrounded by ocean and farmland in the Agricultural Land Reserve. I see the community staying much as it is for the next decade. That is what most people in the area want. I will have a boutique practice for the foreseeable future. 

I am an avid curler in Winter and I play a little golf in the Summer. My favourite charity is the BC Children’s Hospital. While working in the medical field, I spent some time in the operating rooms at Children’s Hospital. I saw firsthand the kind of care children receive and it touched me deeply. Thankfully, my children have not been admitted there but I know many parents whose children have. Our children deserve this type of specialized care facility. We must do what we can to maintain its world-class services. [Please see the article on page 54.]

My family is quite frankly my inspiration—my children Noah and Abby and my wife Lynn are my biggest supporters. Lynn completely supported my decision to become a Notary. We had just bought our first home and Noah was a newborn. She knew sacrifices would have to be made so I could devote the time required by the Notary program. Lynn made sure I was able do all the things I needed to do to succeed. 

All in all, I am at a point in my life where I can’t imagine being happier, either at work or at home. I am truly doing the work I feel I was meant to do. I hope to serve the people of South Delta as a BC Notary Public for many years to come.

Originally published in The Scrivener, Volume 19, Number 2, Summer 2010
By The Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia