When refinancing a mortgage on an existing property, most people go to their bank to get approved for the additional funds.

The bank often states the borrower can make use of the bank’s lawyer to do the legal work and that it will cost a little bit less than sending the work to an outside legal professional such as a BC Notary.

My experience shows me that a Notary’s fees to work with the borrower are very similar to the fees a bank would charge.

The borrower—to protect his or her interests—will benefit from some specific information about the refinancing process. There is more to a refinance than simply borrowing more money from a financial institution or switching the mortgage to another source.

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Born on September 23, 1972, in New Westminster, BC, I have lived in the village of Ladner in South Delta almost my entire life. I have 1 brother and 3 sisters. 

I graduated from Delta Secondary in 1991, received a diploma in Marketing from the British Columbia Institute of Technology in 1994, and went back to school in 2002 to complete a Commerce degree with a focus on Entrepreneurship from Royal Roads University in Victoria. I completed the Notary Preparatory Course with UBC on May 1, 2008, winning both the Robert Reid Award and the BDO Dunwoody Award.

Growing up, I was never sure what I wanted to be. The only thing I knew for sure was that I enjoyed interacting with people and knew I could not work in an environment that had little human contact.

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In the past several weeks, on two occasions I received calls from strata owners looking for information on the same issue.

Both were looking for information on the application of section 144 of the Strata Property Act [SBC 1998], Chapter 43, which deals with exemptions to the rental restriction bylaw. Specifically, I was asked if the word “hardship” in section 144 has an exact definition as it relates to the Act.

I also was asked for information on how an owner might go about preparing a case to present to a strata council for a rental bylaw exemption under section 144 of the Act.

I determined that due to the recent downturn of property values, this question might come up again so I had better do some research.

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